Overcome the Hate

Overcoming hate is one of the most difficult things to do in life. Whether it be the hate you feel towards yourself, others feel towards you, or the hate you feel towards others it can be very difficult to resolve. We all experience hate in our lives, but it's time we start to moderate it more. It's time to overcome the hate and start embracing love. This is a safe place where you can express your concerns, share your stories of experiencing hate, overcoming hate, and embracing love! We as well as all our followers are here for you. Follow our other blog that handles bullying: Bulliednomore.tumblr.com
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If you’re fat.

If you’re skinny.

If you’re short or tall. 

If your nose is big and your boobs are small

You deserve the same respect as us all. 

Even if your feet are large and your hands are small

You are a beautiful person, that’s what you are. 


There is too much time spent telling people why having eating disorders are wrong and no one ever takes the time to look inside the mind of a particular person with an eating disorder to figure out why it is right to them. People who have eating disorders are just grouped together like cattle, one reason being the same for everyone.

I read so many articles condemning eating disorders and criticizing those who have time. They spend time reprimanding and forcing people into remission, instead of figuring out the root of the matter and repairing there. 

If you want to help someone going through an eating disorder, just be there for them. Listen without judging, be an open ear whenever needed, listen without harshly giving answers or your own opinions.

People who are going through these things know the effects and risks. They don’t need to be badgered by the very people they call friends. Sometimes the best answer is just listening. 

Eating disorders, body image and weight can be forgotten over time. 

Criticism, insults and assumptions and hurtful words/actions cannot so easily. 


Awe, thanks! It’s not an easy road and some days are better other.

But I think the most important things are:

1. Love Yourself: You deserve to love yourself no matter what you look like. When you wake up, give yourself a great big hug. Do the same when it’s time…

I will be picking some answers for tomorrow’s video!


I could probably look at this picture and tell you every little thing I didn’t like about how I look, what I hated about my face in particular but its a waste of time and energy. I have to love what I was born with, bright green eyes and a kind heart. 


I could probably look at this picture and tell you every little thing I didn’t like about how I look, what I hated about my face in particular but its a waste of time and energy. I have to love what I was born with, bright green eyes and a kind heart. 

You guys are awesome.

  • The blog has grown
  • More people have joined
  • Awesome Mods are here :)
  • The message of self acceptance and confidence is being spread around.
  • I think i just like making this bullet lists.

Thank you so much for joining, reblogging and following.

Every person is an important milestone in this blog.

I love you all dearly. If you every neeed anything, the mods and i are all here for you. Just ask.

We are here to take your personal questions, need for advice, and venting and story sharing. :)

and you can reach me at my personal. 




Dear 19 Year Old Self,

First of all, I want to say that I am so Proud of you. Your Faith in God and yourself has increased so much over these last couple of months. You got off academic probation, you 3.0. that math class that you failed last yr, and you are finally going out more.

Second, I am Glad that you are finally living your life the way you want to. Doing what makes you happy, and not letting anyone hold you back from being the way that you truly want to be. Because even though you had an idea of the mentality that you are supposed to have in college, you were still concerned about what others thought about you and letting their criticisms about you hold you back from fully coming out of your shell.

Third I am very happy to see that you finally decided to embrace the way you look. I know this is something that you have been struggling with since you were in the 6th grade (being called shaggy, 2 backs, etc). But these past couple of years, it really got intense for you. Trying to gain some type of curves only to have it backfire and make you lose even more weight (that was God trying to tell you something then lol). And stressing yourself out about it, played one of the factors for your hair not being as healthy as it should be. You being Happy about the way you look now, will have nothing but Positive outcomes in the future. I promise!

You are a Strong, Beautiful, Intelligent, Caring, and Funny young lady. And no one can take those qualities away from you. I hope this little letter gives you an extra boost of confidence in yourself.




And Happy Early B’day. Party hard this weekend! lml X^D lml

Overcome the Hate!


Please stop bullying, you never know who’s life your words may be ending. 


Come, join us! We have self love and cookies!