Overcome the Hate

Overcoming hate is one of the most difficult things to do in life. Whether it be the hate you feel towards yourself, others feel towards you, or the hate you feel towards others it can be very difficult to resolve. We all experience hate in our lives, but it's time we start to moderate it more. It's time to overcome the hate and start embracing love. This is a safe place where you can express your concerns, share your stories of experiencing hate, overcoming hate, and embracing love! We as well as all our followers are here for you. Follow our other blog that handles bullying: Bulliednomore.tumblr.com
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STOP KONY 2012: Watch the video, take action! 

We cannot change the things we do not know, but when made fully aware of something as horrible as this, it’s our responsibility to help. It’s wrong to ignore killing, and actions that go against what America is founded upon: people are equal, and deserve the right to live happily. These children are people, equal to us and deserve the right to be free and happy. Our Declaration of Independence, the guideline for America, focuses upon these values. We need to fight for the values we stand by.


"People cannot care, unless they know." You know, so you better care.