Overcome the Hate

Overcoming hate is one of the most difficult things to do in life. Whether it be the hate you feel towards yourself, others feel towards you, or the hate you feel towards others it can be very difficult to resolve. We all experience hate in our lives, but it's time we start to moderate it more. It's time to overcome the hate and start embracing love. This is a safe place where you can express your concerns, share your stories of experiencing hate, overcoming hate, and embracing love! We as well as all our followers are here for you. Follow our other blog that handles bullying: Bulliednomore.tumblr.com
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I know it isn’t easy and it’s a hard process, but pick out one things each day.

The way you smile, the way your eyes are shaped, the way your legs move, the shape of your nose.

Thank your body for being there each day, no matter what weight you may be.

Appreciate your heart for beating, your lungs for breathing and your eyes for seeing.

Appreciate the fact that you deserve to have a great relationship with your body, no matter what size. 

You’ll start to see how beautiful you are. 


If you’re fat.

If you’re skinny.

If you’re short or tall. 

If your nose is big and your boobs are small

You deserve the same respect as us all. 

Even if your feet are large and your hands are small

You are a beautiful person, that’s what you are. 


people getting trashed because of their weight.

Someone’s weight is their business. Who needs your stamp of approval of advice. Don’t beat them down with health facts in hope that they see your ONE message and decides to change. 

I’m pretty sure the same message is being said everyday, through the internet, media, comments made by people,ect.

If you want to help someone, then do it in other acts of kindness. Leave a sweet message, give a inspirational word, do something nice for them.

Otherwise, just..stop.


Took me a long time to love that smile, but I’m so glad I finally do. 

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