Overcome the Hate

Overcoming hate is one of the most difficult things to do in life. Whether it be the hate you feel towards yourself, others feel towards you, or the hate you feel towards others it can be very difficult to resolve. We all experience hate in our lives, but it's time we start to moderate it more. It's time to overcome the hate and start embracing love. This is a safe place where you can express your concerns, share your stories of experiencing hate, overcoming hate, and embracing love! We as well as all our followers are here for you. Follow our other blog that handles bullying: Bulliednomore.tumblr.com


For so many years I hated the thing that gave me vision. The reason as to why I might have a shot at passing my driving test. I used to brake them just not to be able to wear them for a week.
I hated them.
They just didnt look right to me. I felt like it was unnatrual for things like these to be on my face. That only seeing big print was fine.
One of the main reasons why I hated wearing them was bullying; having to wear a patch on your eye for half of the day to strengthen your eye doesn’t exactly make you fit in. Add that to my thirst for knoledge and my shyness you have a nerd basicly. I always felt so uncomftable in them. I was never confident really in them.
I could always hear the snickers behind my back. Never to my face though - they were all so inlove with my sister that they would dare upset someone she cared about. If it wasn’t for her I would have come home crying everyday and proberly transfered for my school.

When I was 9 I decided to change. I broke my glasses and got a new pair that looked half decent on me and stopped wearing them most of the time. I stopped paying so much attention in class and I became less shy determined to get some more friends.
This effected me so much; I have now friends, my eye sight is crap, and im not as smart as anyone thought I would be.

But im happy. I dont regret any of it. I laugh at my nerdyness and my incappability to get anyone to like me because its the only way to deal with it without crying.

Lesson of this my dear friends;
Dont let people get you down because of a minor diffrence in your appearance, and if you want to make a diffrence/change in your life, do it yourself; dont wait for the right time, or all that crap - make that change today.
And don’t regret it

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As much as I agree with the whole “bullying is never gonna go away,” that still isn’t a good reason to be against anti-bullying restrictions. You can’t get rid of it forever but it can be reducded. Parents, teachers, and even the government should be playing their part in…


Come hang out, watch my youtube videos and eat cake. Well ok not cake but maybe something like cake. 

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This is a video I made about a year ago but the message remains the same.


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Felt pretty body positive, today. c: -G



The size of your jeans or dress does not define you

I wear clothes ranging from a size 12 to size 16 and I even have a couple of size 18 dresses from Primark that I still wear because I love them so much! They’re a bit too big but nothing a belt can’t solve :)

As long as I feel fit and healthy in myself and feel happy that is all that matters, it really does not matter what size I have to buy. I buy whichever size I think fits best whether it be smaller or bigger than usual

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So I have this idea… I’d like to challenge tumblr users to send a nice ask to a random person each day. It can be anon or non-anon and it can be somebody you follow or somebody at you don’t follow. It doesn’t have to be long and sappy, just something nice. Also, don’t tell them that you’re doing it just for tumblr kindness week. I think that this is a good way to battle anon hate. I hope that you all will try to do this. It will make a difference.


Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks! People need to stop making fun and throwing massive shade ar Lady Gaga. She’s just doing her thing!